Jacob Adelman

I'm the Philadelphia Inquirer's new (as of mid-April) commercial real estate reporter. My most recent position before joining the Inquirer, my home town paper, was as an energy reporter at Bloomberg News's Tokyo bureau. Before that, I covered real estate and urban planning -- with a sideline in agriculture -- for The Associated Press in Los Angeles.

I have graduate degrees in journalism and Asian studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and studied German and journalism at University of Massachusetts at Amherst as an undergrad.

I've lived in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Berlin, Hamburg, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, the San Francisco East Bay and western Massachusetts. I was born and raised in Philadelphia.

Find samples of my work (mostly print, but also some photos, radio and video) on my Muckrack portfolio.

Check SoundCloud for a selection of my radio work (some of which can be licensed at PRX).

Follow me on Twitter at @jacobadelman.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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